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God's Final Say

Leading Change in Our World by Preaching this Living Gospel

“When the church isn’t for the suffering and broken, then the church isn’t for Christ.” Ann Voskamp

 ‘Leading change is a purposed intent of a specified goal to LEAD and be the change in the world, as opposed to letting change take you along with it.  Melissa Hyatt

Leading Change in Your World by Larry M. Lindsay & Mark A. Smith

“Significant win-win people strategically plan their course from the inspiration of their mission, vision, and goals. And when they do, success and significance in life follows….

Real change leaders must plan to achieve the vision in their heart, prepare to achieve the vision, expect to achieve the vision, and celebrate achieving the vision.”

Think in ways that will enable your strategic plan to do things better and complete the statement….

All things are possible for those who believes because…….

Being a witness for Christ is no small matter. The Apostle in the Bible did not warn the Philippian church of doctrinal errors, but he did address some relational problems. Many women have been workers for Christ in the church. Broken relationships was no small thing, because many had become believers through their efforts.

It is possible to believe in Christ, work hard for his kingdom, and yet have broken relationships with others who are committed to the same cause. Though the council maybe a mixture of two groups of religious leaders, but with strikingly different beliefs. One group believed on the resurrection, but the other did not.

Do you need to be reconciled to someone today? If you’re facing conflict you can’t resolve for whatever reason, don’t allow the same tension build into an explosion. Don’t withdraw or resort to cruel power plays. Do not break the law in order to hinder someone’s calling in God rather than getting to know them and understand why they are doing what they do. Don’t just join in the accusations, asserting that things said are true. When change comes about, usually the changemaker is consider a troublemaker, or as treated as being defiant. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Change is hard for most people; it is easier to stick with what is familiar and comfortable. Many are quick to judge and accuse by airing their opinions instead of listening to understand by seeking the truth of the matter. As it all boils down to, people do not like change and seem to gravitate to those who look more like themselves. It is called complacent security. It is an enemy of faith.

 Not once did Jesus allow the religious leaders to attack without countering a parable or the Word of God.  Don’t stand idly by and wait for the dispute to resolve itself, it usually never does, most times it worsens. Instead, seek the help of those known for peacemaking. They are the chosen few. And they know how to get things done.

The power we receive in union with Christ is enough to do his will and to face the challenges that arise from our commitment to doing it. God does not grant us superhuman ability to accomplish anything we can imagine without regarding his interest. Gossip is not a superpower with the intent to murder someone’s reputation and character by intimidating them so terribly to conform.  

 As we contend for the faith, we will face troubles, pressures, and trials. As they come, Christ will strengthen you. And before someone judges and accuses wrongly of saying “no” , remind them that we applaud the problem solvers who take risks and overcome who are shunned for their costly commitment to Christ. Suffering for doing what is right is costly, but our challenge is a quest for solutions and deliverance that enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things, not hinder them.

 “We applaud the problem solvers who take risks and overcome obstacles in order to make a better world”