Melissa Hyatt – Christian Speaking and Healing Ministry

Changing the direction of where our world is going, even in Israel.
Difficult times for Christian Speaking Services


Christian speaking services with Safe Place to be Real Foundation Ministry is sending out a universal call message to the public for Melissa Hyatt to come and speak of God’s Appointed time. This is urgent! We cannot wait any longer with this message the Lord is sending me to give.  IT is motivation, inspirational, prophetic truths and God’s Biblical principles for healing for hope that does not disappoint. 


My story begins when God called me into service over 15 years ago of seeking Him for a wholeness in Himself.

I’ve been a christian since I was four years of age but I never knew God in this way of Him showing Himself and manifesting His Word to me continually.  God was speaking……to me.  God found me, and His love was incredibly hard to resist. I sought to know this great love He died to give me and in pursuing His leading, I attended semiars for public speaking, was a member of Toastmaster  to polish up my confidence of sharing in front of a crowd. I went to college in my early twenties and acquired many credits which led me to finish my Bachelor’s of Science in Biblical Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. 

There was an opportunity to preach the gospel on short wave radio with Lesea Broadcasting to Israel, Eygpt and surrounding areas for a year in a weekly program I created “Divine Intervention”. Also, I had the privilege and honor to preach the gospel on the radio in Indiana with Wilkins Christian Talk radio in Indianapolis Indiana for two years. With so many experiences

that God was revealing to me after my great encounter of Him appearing in 2005, I wrote a book and was published in 2011.

Throughout history only a few people God visited in such a way as God appeared to me. I knew it was special, and the task at hand as He commissioned me to hold on. This ride was going to be the greatest ride in history because of Truth, the God of Heaven. God has a message I need to deliver to many, and all who want the truth of my calling. It’s a show stopper. It’s cry is a river and in all this I thank God He is sending me as His Deliverer out of the Rock He cut me from sealed in Jesus’ miracle working Name says the Lord.

I am a Teacher of the Law of God of Heaven, honored by God in an apostleship, sonship priest forever. If you would like me to come and speak and share the greatest news on this planet the world has never known before, please, it is time to hear why I take a stand for Jesus Christ.

The time is now.