Coffee with the Counselor the God of Heaven

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Our Story

Jesus said, “I am the Author and Finisher of your faith.”
No one can tell your story but you.

We understand the importance of sincerity in word and action, especially when constructive criticism is necessary. The wisdom we share isn’t impressive human knowledge (worldly wisdom). God wants us to be real and transparent in all our relationships. Many think that when God swoops in to comfort, our troubles should go away. But if that were the case, people would only turn to God out of a desire to be relieved of pain and not out of love for him. In the final days of Christ return, there will be false teachers, spiritual dropouts, and heretics. The remedy for spiritual error and biblical teachings of God’s law is to have a solid program for teaching Christians. Jesus is the Word of Truth that has given us His teachings of a true gospel and Kingdom. We want to uphold His principle teachings by the Holy Scriptures given by the inspiration of God’s will.

I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie that God has called me into an apostleship and priest, even in Israel. I was personally unknown to the churches….that are in Christ, for the Lord God is with me. Good communication helps everyone understand the situaion better, it reduces gossip, and it builds unity in the church on honest terms and convictions.

“He sent His Word and Healed them”. Psalm 107:20

In 2005, God appeared to me and put His Word in me and sent me out to share what He was doing in my life. I shared and told everyone that would listen to what the Lord Almighty was doing for me in my life. Some listened and ate the words I shared, some couldn’t believe and reject my words. Others were greatly encouraged and lifted up. Many faith seeds were planted in sharing Jesus Christ and my faith with others only to see the harvest of them coming to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over the years in a devoted following.

The Fullness of Christ is given to me, and because of what has happened in my life, it has furthered the gospel greatly among a multitude. People are speaking their faith more boldly and coming to Christ Jesus has become the wise thing to do in drawing closer to God. In the Spirit of Truth God’s Word went forth, and healed the people. Many have been blessed with what God was doing in my life because it seemed so odd and supernatural, many could not comprehend what the heck was going on. We need to evaulate the purpose of Christ Church of gathering together for the suffering and broken as spiritual warfare has increased immensely these days. The scepter of my righteousness is the scepter of God’s Kingdom in His fullness and the Lord and I come, even in Israel.

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“Divine Intervention”  

This story begins with a journey of survival. My story tells of hardships growing up with many challenges. As drugs became a way of escape and ended in an out of body experience, God visited me in the dark night of my soul to save me. 15 years ago, A Divine Intervention with the supernatural power of God all around me that could not be explained or manipulated by lying signs and wonders. In the fullness of Christ.  Many spiritual insights and truths that will encourage your faith and relationship with God to seek and find Him for your own personal journey of the heart. This is a true story of overcoming odds beyond human capability. A True Divine Intervention when God stepped into my life and left His throne in heaven to visit me 15 years ago. You can order my book at

The false teachers in the church believed that spiritual perfection was a secret and hidden plan that only a few privileged people could discover. Not so. Their secret plan was to be exclusive. We are proclaiming the entire message of God, not just a part of the plan. This mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, will be hidden no longer.

Our main goal for 15 years, is the ushering in a revival. As a duty to care for the people, I have come to conclude that the current issues concerning the worldwide span calamities, chaos and violence is directly due to a great rebellion of God Himself and the Lordship of Jesus Christ our King. God is the sustainer and as a priest to the call of Christ, I give my supplications on behalf of God’s people and the people turning to the One True Living God that Cares and Loves them. Christ gospel message is for everyone as we bring “Good News” of eternal salvation to all who are listening. This gospel includes admonishing and teaching as we preach Christ Crucified in whom there is nothing false. Out of our bellies will flow rivers of living waters, so sit back, be refreshed and be blessed in the Name of Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father.