Refreshing Events Management

Therefore God has highly blessed this ministry and entrusted a living gospel to be shared with anyone hungry and thirsty for God

Safe Place to be Real is touching and changing lives. We are reaching out to share with the world this great new era of deliverance and rejuvenation to be refreshed. We are hurting for a hurting world, we are serious about the Love of God, and we won’t stop singing this song of Deliverance until the whole world sings with us.

Sharing the love and grace of who God is of a Truth that sets people free. It is the start of a much-needed revival, a much-needed realness in the world.

Therefore, God has blessed this ministry and entrusted a living gospel to this ministry, reaching those hungry and thirsty for GOD HIMSELF. There is always Good News Refreshing Truths in a well of Understanding with a Safe Place to be Real Foundation that Love laid, bringing hope to the hopeless and forgiveness to the hurting. This ministry has been planning for a Great Advent for over a decade and speaking and teaching the gospel of grace in word and deed for 15 years. The Lord wants your blindness removed and ears opened. God wants you awake to meet Him and encounter Him. The time is now.

Let’s investigate the authority that Jesus gave His disciples and the power over demonic spirits and oppressions to bring light in situations for a hope that does not disappoint. This is an urgent time to recognize those expressing God’s authority by making Jesus famous.

Promote an Event

If you would like me to come and speak and meet with this ministry and plan an event with us, please contact us by email. We will sit down and plan what fits your need with you personally or your church, Ministry group, retreats, conferences, End-Time gathering, business venue.

As a keynote speaker and teacher and events planner, I will sit down and plan what suits best your needs.

This is an intimate encounter with the Lord Almighty Himself. It will not be like any other event you have ever attended. Please be prepared, to sit back and be refreshed and be blessed in the Name of Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Also, I am asking for a request for help with this ministry. If you or anyone would like to join me in pursuit of a Great Peace Crusade, please contact me by email.

“He sent His Word and healed them” Psalm 107:20. God wanted to speak to the people and I have been teaching what the Father gives me to teach for 15 years.