Future Investment

A Trumpet Has Sounded Across the Land

He who owns the land controls the wealth.

“Repent! For the Kingdom of heaven is near.”

God is saying, “Change your mind about Me!” Stop thinking bad thoughts or like the world things. Start believing His Word and who He sends to speak to you coming from A Safe Place to be Real Ministry. The Kingdom of Heaven is near. God is at hand. Stop being afraid of me. My House will be called a House of Prayer, not a den of thieves!

The future belongs to those who see the beauty in the cross

The Cross represents everything of why Jesus suffered, and everything that Jesus is not. Jesus never sinned. Two counterintuitive natures were at war and Life won. Christians tend to forget sometimes, all have sinned and come short of God’s Glory. Meaning; don’t forget, you were like those who sin too once. Your no better than they and only by God’s grace are you saved through faith lest anyone boast, and a moment away to stumble and fall yourselves. So, be careful how you treat another who doesn’t know the truth of why you were set free. They need to know through your humbleness and humility. Safe Place to be Real Foundation was built on this very concept. We spread the love of Jesus and His Truth through the grace God has given us, lovely and generously in much understanding of spiritual warfare. 

Then Jesus came along and says, ‘If you want real wealth, and real success and real riches of the Kingdom of God, get rid of all that stuff and personal desires of this world. Get rid of and sell your stuff and come and follow Me, Jesus says.