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Appalled by Unfaithfulness

“And the leaders and the officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness. When I heard this, I tore my tunic and cloak, and pulled hair from my head and beard and sat down appalled.” Ezra 9:2-3

Be careful not to get comfortable with sin, especially the sin of leaders. It has a way of gaining respectability and acceptance. What used to be appalling a generation ago has become standard everyday affair. Culture can become all-inclusive to the point of ethical anarchy and moral disillusionment. There is a movement afoot to legitimize and legalize sin. Its victim will be you, your children, the church, and society. This threat to common sense and authentic moral living is not going away. If anything it is gaining steam, and even more appalling is the unfaithfulness of those in leadership. So be careful for you become like those who lead you. If Christ and His Word are accepted as the ultimate standard of leadership, then faithfulness to God can be expected. On the other hand, if unfaithful leaders are compromising long-held Christian beliefs and traditions, then unfaithfulness to God can be expected.

So, how will you respond to the desecration of divine direction?

If you hope it will go away by ignoring it, you will wake up one day under the total dominant influence of unfaithfulness to God. If you accept it incrementally, it will slowly eat away at the moral fabric of culture until you are left barren and broken with the next generation exposed.

The unfaithfulness of a leader’s behavior must become a “line in the sand” of intolerance. It is at this point of unfaithfulness that changes in leadership are required. Tolerance of unfaithful leaders is irresponsible and unchristian. There is a time for the silent moral majority to become appalled by the unfaithfulness of leaders. It is responsible and right to be outraged by people who take advantage of public trust for their private pleasure. There are consequences for leaders who dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, or at the best pick and chose the commands that are expedient for their maligned motives.

The Bible is not a menu for unfaithful leaders to manipulate for their purposes. Nonetheless, this is where God-fearing people take responsibility.

It begins by confessing and repenting of acceptance of sin. The sin of silent acceptance needs to be awakened and banished from your behavior. Jesus was the hardest on the hypocrisy and unfaithfulness of religious leaders. Therefore, judgment does start in the house of God, for His people are the ones who need to be so appalled by sin that they fall broken before the Lord.

You cannot address unfaithfulness in your leaders until it is addressed in your own hearts. But once you have come clean with God, then you have the moral authority and responsibility to confront unfaithful leaders.

Unfaithful to God is a federal offense in heaven, and so should it be on earth. It is time for God’s people to awake from their apathetic slumber over sin and sound an appalling alarm.

Unfaithfulness is a hideous hypnosis that must be broken by brokenness. You can start with your own confession and repentance, and trust God with the sweeping effect of His Spirit across the land.

Be appalled!

Because HE IS!

To all those who are listening to me, Melissa Hyatt from Fountaintown Indiana

Seeking Daily the Heart of God- Boyd Bailey