The Power of Prayer

What Matters: The Gift of Prayer

Intercession is the soul of prayer. It gives spiritual meaning to that which we do for others; it makes plain to us just how and where we can best help others. Prayer furnishes us with a sympathy for and an insight into human life that can be produced through no other channel. It may end in making us poor in pocket, in sending us on some hazardous errand to the needy, or in creating the spirit of adventure for God that will lift us into the uttermost parts of the earth.” Its compensation is the bestowal upon its user of an enriched life of communion with God and tender heart towards humanity. What spiritual and hidden agencies are let loose by intercession upon those who are prayed for it is hard to determine; but we know, without understanding how or why, that powerful influences for good are released by this enabling devotion which agitates with new effectiveness the unresting hands of God.

Intercessory prayer is not a work of extraordinary merit but a necessary element of devotion to God. It is the simple recognition in worship of the fundamental law of human life that no man lives or dies alone. But intercession rises to sublime heights when it claims the privilege and the power for each child of God to gather up in his arms the whole family to which he belongs, and carry it with its multifold needs and its glorious possibilities into the presence of the common Father for blessing and protection.

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“God never tells a man what man can find out for himself, as he never does what man can do for himself.
Prayer must sooner or later melt into thanksgiving as petition is crowned by answer.”
Things That Matter-Best Writings of Bishop Brent-

No prayer ever rises in vain.

Prayer for others is the most subtle as well as the greatest and deepest force in human society. A truthful person becomes the vehicle which God can use to aid an untruthful man to become truthful. It is only the self-restrained life that can pray effectually for the unrestrained life. Otherwise no new avenue for God’s controlling power to flow is presented only a desire is expressed that another should receive that which the petitioner himself implicitly at least rejects. Our constant appeal to the King so works upon our personality as to make it possible for Him to control our destinies to our fullest benefits. He who in the ordinary course of everyday life makes nearness to God, companionship with Him, his chief goal, when troubles come will be given entrance into the sojourning place of God on earth and will find secret doors into God’s mysteries. New intimacy with God will spring up and a strong, permanent foundation will be builded for our feet.”